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Tips for Preventing Small Auto Glass Cracks From Spreading

A tiny crack in your auto glass can swiftly grow into a giant headache. But, with timely measures, you can halt its march. Here are tips from your trusted auto glass repair shop on how to guard your windshield against the menacing spread of those little fissures:

Act Quickly: Time isn’t on your side. Notice a crack? Address it fast. Early action prevents the spread. Weather elements can worsen it. Dirt can enter and expand the crack. Nip the issue in the bud.

Use a Windshield Repair Kit: Many auto stores offer these. They are handy. They are effective for small cracks. The kit often contains a resin that fills the crack. It also provides a clear finish. Your windshield looks almost new.

Keep Your Car Cool: Heat expands glass. This includes your windshield. Park in the shade. Use the garage if possible. A car sunshade can also help. Avoid direct sunlight. Extreme temperature fluctuations are bad. They can make the crack grow.

Avoid Slamming Doors: Vibration is an enemy. Slamming car doors creates it. This can force the crack to grow. Be gentle when closing doors. Ask passengers to do the same. Little actions can have big impacts.

Stay Off Rough Roads: Bumpy rides aren’t just uncomfortable. They can harm your windshield. Every jolt can push the crack further. Opt for smoother routes. It might take longer. But it’s worth the safety of your glass.

Consult Professionals: Sometimes, DIY won’t cut it. Seek expert advice. A professional can judge the severity. They might suggest repairs. Or they might advise a replacement. Trust their judgment. Their experience is invaluable.

In conclusion, a small crack on your auto glass doesn’t spell immediate doom. With prompt action and the right strategies, you can prevent it from evolving into a significant problem. So once you see a tiny crack, be sure to go to your trusted auto glass repair shop right away. One that you can trust in Greater Landover, MD is Auto Glass Windshield Repair. For inquiries, call (301) 200-2609!