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The Advantages of Repairing a Rock Chip on Your Windshield Immediately

The Advantages of Repairing a Rock Chip on Your Windshield Immediately

Why Call Our Auto Glass Shop ASAP?

Unfortunately, most vehicle owners tend to neglect a windshield rock chip problem and do not visit an auto glass shop until the issue gets too big to be repaired well or the repair becomes too costly. Here are some of the advantages which timely repair has:

  • You will avoid being ticketed by the police while driving around Greater Landover, MD. If you are not careful and did not repair your windshield to improve your visibility in time, you may get a ticket worth more than $80 even for a small chip.

  • You will avoid spreading. Harsh temperature fluctuations (especially during the winter) or bumps can cause even the tiniest chip to spread. Once this happens, you may no longer be able to solve the problem with a simple repair. Instead, you will have to invest a lot more in a complete windshield replacement.

  • Timely repairs save you time and money. A full windshield replacement will take about 4 hours and that is in case the auto glass shop that you visit has the right type of windshield that you need in stock. Otherwise, you may have to wait for a week or two until it gets delivered, especially if your car’s model is not very common. This job typically costs about $200, and that is if you are insured. Without the proper insurance, it will cost much more. Fixing a small rock chip, on the other hand, will only take about 15-20 minutes and will cost much less.

  • Although a chip repair cannot bring the glass back to its original condition, it can improve the appearance of your chip by about 80%. Your windshield will look so good that you may even forget a crack existed. The longer you wait, the bigger the crack will become and the more visible it will be even after a repair. This is why, it is a good idea to get it fixed while it is still tiny.

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